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Abdul Kircher: Portrait of Youth

When you’re in it, you can’t see the other end. You will be this way forever, in perpetuity, smoking cigs in hallways, drinking on sidewalks,…


The Catch-22 of Skincare

Body anxiety is the source of most of my writing and thought process — maybe it’s just a productive source of narcissism, critical theory…


Melissa Stetten on Denim Underwear

Cutoff denim shorts are basically turning into denim underwear. Denim shorts have been a staple of my wardrobe since forever — they’re an icon…


Talking Shop(girls) with Kate Zambreno

First published in 2011, Kate Zambreno’s book Green Girl tells the story of Ruth, a young American shopgirl in London. In between offering celebrity perfume samples…

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NYFW: Sex, School, and Serenity

It’s difficult to imagine any period in time without the costumes that substantiate the cultures. More than a source of shelter, clothing is a…


Theophilus London New Track “Tribe”

Uber fashion dude (and rapper) Theophilus London just released his new single “Tribe” from his forthcoming album, VIBES!, which will come out this fall….