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Your Horoscope: 9.29 – 10.6

Fall is in full effect and we’ve all got some work cut out for us this upcoming October. Resident astrologer Chani Nicholas sheds a…


Unholy Matrimony

This weekend I got into a fight with my roommate over something we had supposedly agreed to disagree on: the iconography and influence of…


The Return of Aphex Twin

The best thing about the return of Aphex Twin is that he never really left. The alias of British producer Richard D. James, Aphex…

Josef Salvat “Shoot and Run”

Josef Salvat has just released another track off of his forthcoming debut EP, In Your Prime, which–coming right off the heels of “Open Season“–already feels…


Miuccia Prada’s Fall Textbook

For all Miuccia Prada’s much-commented-upon creativity, there is also a consistency from season to season that is equally interesting. Setting aside her most ardent…


The Return of the Nineties Lip

The nineties revival continues and even though I say I’m sick of it, I still like to douse myself in nostalgia every so often….