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October 23, 2013 • Fashion


Kill Your Darlings is a thrilling, jolting adventure through college-aged idealism: wanting to change the world and the perils of trying. At a recent Q&A we attended for the movie, Dane DeHaan (Lucien Carr) said  “these guys were the original hipsters” and noted how pervasive their look is today. Here, we discuss John Krokida’s debut film and that style relevance.


Daniel: Out of all the characters, I liked his looks the best like he was very in between like they were man clothes and boy clothes, I’m not tryna read into like the character.  Just really cute outfits (omfg).

Iris: He was my fave too. I was like woo! Finally something with Dane in cuter clothes – even though I am totally about all the teenage dude clothes from Chronicle and In Treatment.

Daniel: It was all about a lil flat collar peaking out thru sweaters. His silhouette feels relevant, all the tops were very small and tight paired with loose, wide leg pants. It was a little like 60s New Wave tops and 70s flared pants and that’s the kinda look I gravitate to.


Iris: Yeah i totally noticed the flat collars, I feel like I wanna try that but I feel like that’s not an “in real life look.” It would move around too much on me and look messy. Did Lucien only wear like one pair of beige pants? Well he wore like two, there was this high waisted pair of navy ones that made him look really tall at the end.

Daniel: I loved those pants so much. I need!! Everyone knows I’m on the wide leg pant train, let’s go everyone, get on!!! It’s all about this silhouette. But yeah, I think flat collars would work. Like you just need to unbutton your shirt under the sweater.

Iris: But I feel like when you unbutton it, it would create like weird bumps under the sweater, how does he do it?

Daniel: You just need a substantial knit. These aren’t flimsy knits. Thin but not  flimsy, I need a good knit. I loved the little scarf he wore inside his collars too.

Iris: The whole vibe of his wardrobe was kinda Fall 2013 Prada.

Daniel: Yeah, like weak boys with big ideas and even bigger coats. I feel like that’s the approach to the Prada man.

Iris: I totally get it.


Iris: Allen in Wonderland.

Daniel: His looks were similarly like knit, shirt, scarf, coat, but like in a very diff way! Like they were goofier and clumsy.

Iris: He had the best thick knitted sweaters, like, I want that chunky white cable knit.


Daniel: Yeah. True, except he wore shawl collars and you know I think shawl collars are the shadiest of knits. His character was kinda shady like underlying creepy, emphasized by what we know he became after this movie’s story ends.

Iris: Did he wear one? I don’t remember a shawl collar.

Daniel: Maybe I manifested one where there wasn’t because, totally creepy.

Iris: My favorite look was the one with a red blouson jacket. Like a casual fun look.

Daniel: This silhouette is so droopy! I’m not into it but I can see it’s relevance because people like to be droopy. Prada SS14 menswear was kinda droopy, they had those kinda jackets.

Iris: Like droopy how?

Daniel: Like everything sags, there’s no structure!

Iris: Oh yeah. If you look at a lot of the scenes, him and Lucien are wearing the same elements but everything is just thicker and more awkward. Where Dane’s costuming is more buckwild. Even their socks were similar patterns but Lucien had colorful versions and Allen’s were in neutrals. But the fit of the clothes were really different vibes.

Daniel: Yeah Lucien’s more floaty. Can we agree that DanRad should get a perm? This is the only time I have not cringed watching him and I think it was the perm.

Iris: Omg. I also liked the short scarves. I haven’t worn one in awhile.

Daniel: I haven’t worn any scarf in a long time but, like, neckerchiefs are so back.

Iris: I’ve never had a neckerchief moment in my life but I used to have a polka-dotted one that was like very Miu Miu but I think I gave it away.

Daniel: That is a true travesty, you needa invest!

From left to right: Jack Huston as Jack Kerouac, Elizabeth Olsen as Edie Parker, and Ben Foster as William S. Burroughs

Daniel: This movie could have been a total like 4-part TV series. Like it was cute but kinda cramped. Like there could have been a whole movie devoted to each character couple separately and each would have been compelling. But it manifested in characters being cut short and not enough depth in some.

Iris: Yeah, like Dane has said in many interviews that it’s about them already entering the school before they became who they are, from Allen’s perspective.

Daniel: Yeah, but it was kind of a weird perspective. It’s supposed to be about murder and obsession but I feel like those got sidelined for a love triangle that didn’t fully come to fruition but it was, like, a realistically difficult ending.

Daniel: William S. Burroughs was very polished, chic buttoned up.  The other ones who knows?? One was cool and the other one was dad-ish, which.. yeah.

Iris: Will Burroughs character was in trust fund baby three piece suits the whole time, which made sense. I liked the Jack Kerouac outfits, he was the one who wore jeans.

Daniel: Oh yeah he was like Americana, I’m casual I’m cool. Grown up not in your world but I’m hip.

Iris: I was obsessed with Edie’s look when they first showed her, the high waisted jeans and gray sweater with the neck scarf!

Daniel: Yeah, I liked her, I wished there was more of her. There could have been a whole movie devoted to each character couple separately and each would have been compelling.


Iris: She didn’t get a lot of her own parts it was like 3-5 scenes but they were pretty long like 5-10 minutes each. But she also wore scarves as headbands, change up your scarf to your neck to your head.

Daniel: See, scarves are so versatile!!!! They are kinda back. Only in a way, very specifically.

Iris: Omg 4-part special, that could make sense. Like a TV show or something. I’d wanna see Dane every week on my TV.

Daniel: It was prime real estate for a 4-part special where the last part is this movie. It was a cramped movie and yet the flashbacks persisted! Lmao, that’s just a pet peeve of mine though, shhh. I still liked it a lot and I’m obsessed with the fits and fashions, let’s hope wide leg pants suddenly arise in the stores.

Iris: Final thoughts? Mine are: If you’re obsessed with Dane, you should go see this movie. It’s finger lickin’ good.

Daniel: Oooh, I bet DanRad is mad.



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