The New Art Of Fashion VIII

December 2, 2013 • Fashion

Consider this project an eclectic mixtape, but rather with music, it’s focused around imagery. So what started off as drawing commonalities between the gradient background of a Genghis Khan portrait and an image from a 1996 Issey Miyake runway show began my project to juxtapose images that are not always necessarily similar in subjects, but have links in their coloring, shapes, and moods evoked. For me, a bulk of my inspirations and visions trace back to fashion; be it a SoundCloud discovery as a potential Balenciaga soundtrack, or a DMV line-up as an imagined setting for a shot by Mario Sorrenti for Vogue Nippon editorial. I wanted the worlds of my inspirations, be it art, fashion or music to become more interconnected than ever and to create possible mood-boards that my treasured visionaries may have used when creating the very works that are now an integral core of my aesthetic vision.



1) Antoni & Alison (2006) x Malgosia Bela by Ruven Afanador for Vogue Paris (1999)
Both images encompass weightlessness of boulders, respectively on the runway or editorial. Malgosia Bela was photographed by Ruven Afanador in the outskirts of Morocco wearing flowing silhouetted skirts and fitted blouses, all while balancing a massive (albeit paper mâché) rock on her head. Similarly, British design duo Antoni & Alison incorporated a gold tone boulder into one of their 2006 collections to highlight digi-printed gold leaf pants.

2) “Happy Together” by Wong Kar-wai (1997) x Gisele Bündchen in Allure (1998)
Over-saturated oranges and sweat gleam makes for a peak-summer’s atmosphere found in “Happy Together” by Wong Kar-wai and a photo of Gisele Bündchen for Allure magazine.



3) Miguel Adrover (2012) x Dmitry Zhilinsky (1974)
For Miguel Adrover’s fall/winter 2012 collection, his vision of re-envisioning street style by deconstructing and adding volume to mundane garments relied on reworking garments of the brightest hues to set him apart from deconstructionists who work with minimal tones of blacks, whites, and grays. Stylistically and tone-wise the same, Dmitry Zhilinsky’s work of infusing European Renaissance and Old Russian paintings uses rich tempera on levkas (the gesso-like priming typical of Russian medieval paintings).



4) Sailor Moon x Faye Wong backstage (1998)
Naoko Takeuchi’s manga series “Sailor Moon,” has been credited with sparking the “magical girl” genre, as this was the first series where magic was used to fight evil and the characters revolve around the kingdom that once spanned the Solar System and the evil forces that they battle, as the girls can transform into heroines named for their Moon and planets. The namesake character, whose real name is Usagi Tsukino, transforms into heroine Sailor Moon, the Soldier of love and justice. The adornment worn by Sailor Moon (the moon crescent insignia) reminded me of a silver sparkle/base red eye shadow worn by Faye Wong at a charity concert in Shanghai in 1998.



5) Undercover (1990) x Madonna “Confessions on a Dance Floor” (2005)
Madonna’s promotional photo shoot for “Confessions on a Dance Floor” featured her sitting in a dark room, only lit with neon lights in bright pinks and aquas. The idea may have been taken from an Undercover runway show where the finale walk had the lights brought to a low dim so that the glow in the dark garments in neon colors would be brought to life.

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