The Couple Who Dresses Together Stays Together

December 9, 2013 • Fashion


I think people in relationships end up dressing alike because it’s fun to do. It feels like being on a team, uniformed.  It feels like being related. Twinsies. Is that weird? Picking up cues from your boyfriend’s look is an homage to his style, a nod of acknowledgement of the fact that he has narrative that precedes you and instead of shying away from it, you’re embracing it, adopting it, and adapting to it. At it’s best, there’s a fuzzy and warm comfort in following trends similar to the people around you. It’s a sign that you are a part of something bigger than yourself, like a band. Tina Knowles understands the power in this.

Do we not dress like our friends or at least take their style into account when garbing for a plan with them? Does a part of us not become a part of our partner? Does it have something to do with streamlining and creating more closet space? I’d like to think that we do it because it’s fun and it feels good. And it’s cute. As the member of a couple, we have certain rights. Or maybe they’re liberties. I’m not sure if there’s a difference between a right and a liberty. Is there a difference? Anyway, when you’re dating someone, especially at the beginning of things you’re allowed to kind of be a dick when it comes to cutesy couple shit. You’re allowed to be in love, however it might look on you. For some people, love looks like their partner.

You know, a lot’s going on during those morning moments when we stand, underweared, in front of our clothes and try to imagine what the most precisely appropriate outfit for the day would be. Most superficially, we dress for weather and climate, but what draws us ultimately to our choices is the aesthetic of whoever is going to be taking them off later.

I guess my ex boyfriend felt most comfortable in navy blue because half of his closet was that color. Socks and underwear, too. Regardless of the temperature for which he was dressing, it was basically all navy blue all the time. This commitment to a single idea, especially such a simple and graspable one, was a draw. I’d historically  looked up to style cons with this uniform-approach to dressing in the past (Fidel Castro, Kim Hastreiter, Saddam Hussein, Slash). Now, I had one of my very own. I started weaving somber tones into day to day look. A little gray here, some cool blue there. Navy nails. A new default mode.




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