ORAL HISTORY: “I Slept with an Average-Sized Kings of Leon”

December 16, 2013 • Love & Sex



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Let’s talk about sex. Unabashedly. Shamelessly.Without authority, constraints, or bounds. This is the fashion industry, after all, one where there are a slew of hard days and even more hotter nights. With so much attitude and confidence this very profession wields, it’s only assumed that it would translate in between the sheets as well, right? So does art imitate life? Do fashion insiders have dirtier, hotter, and more frequent sex? Every week we delve into the very personal lives of our favorite insiders who give us details into their most intimate moments.


Name: Kimberly Chin***
Age: 31
Profession: fashion designer/owner up-and-coming label
Marital status: single
Orientation: straight
First time: Awkward.
Favorite position: Missionary, legs up
Most sensitive spot: Nape of the neck
Orgasms have had from sex: under 20
Number of partners: 10-12
Kinkiest sex act: I’m really not that kinky.
Dirtiest secret: I once did it in the bathroom stall of a casino. Is that dirty?
Secret fantasy: Jared Leto and Rodrigo Santoro sandwich. 
“I was obsessed with Kings of Leon before they were the Grammy-winning, model-marrying dudes they’ve become. It all started in college.
I saw them for the first time when they opened for the Coral–does anyone remember this band–and was immediately drawn to them. They all had this undeniable sexy dirty vibe. I seemed to be the only one at the show who was actually there to see them and not the headliner. There were probably only about 20 people in the audience. It was a great show.
Several months later, they had built more of a following and were headlining at one of my favorite venues. JET was the opener–anyone remember them either?
I went with a few friends and dragged my brother who was visiting for the weekend.
When we got there, we were pestered into entering a raffle to win passes to the after party and a signed guitar from the band. I never enter anything like this, but they were literally harassing us so we did.
After JET finished their set, a few people approached my brother and I, and told us we had won the raffle, the signed guitar for me and the party passes for my brother. The band was going to present me the guitar at the after party. 
My brother and I were both dying! I had such a crush on Jared Followill and was hoping to hang out with him.
I downed a few shots for some liquid courage after the show. The band presented me the signed guitar, photos were taken, and introductions made. We were all drinking and began to bar hop the block. I was pretty blitzed at this point and asked if I could see the tour bus with my friend.
We got on the bus and Caleb Followill started chatting me up. I was still fixated on Jared at this point, but started to realize how hot Caleb is. We were all hanging, munching on a fruit platter–the boys were not eating carbs at this point– drinking, and getting stoned. 
After a little while, the band manager came aboard and said they had to head to their next destination. Caleb responded, ‘Well I haven’t had my fun for the night yet,‘ and looked at me. He then asked everyone to move to the front of the bus so we could have the back part of the bus to ourselves. 
I was dying–dying!–inside.
He was such a good kisser and so hot. He smelled of incense. I couldn’t believe this was happening.  His heavy beard was totally scratching my face up. Needless to say, I wasn’t caring. 
Soon enough, I found myself naked in the VIP lounge of the King of Leon tour bus. At this point, I was spread eagle and Caleb proceeded to go down on me. He was really drunk, but it was still good and I thoroughly enjoyed it. 
A few minutes into it, Nathan Followill opened the door (mind you, I was naked and spread eagle as mentioned above) and threw a condom at us. I was mortified. Caleb apologized and continued doing his thing. I was still dying inside.
We started doing the deed standing up, my back to him and then he turned me around so we were face to face. Hot!
His penis wasn’t the biggest, but I’d say average size. I mean he had had several drinks, but still got it up and knew where to put it so give the guy some credit. I was totally into it until I realized the windows were open and people could see into the bus!
We were parked right outside the venue. I didn’t want to ruin the moment so I just went with it and prayed that no one would see me.
After a few minutes, we traveled to the cushioned area and got horizontal, missionary-ing it up. We were both really getting into it and then as it got really hot, he came before I did. I was a little annoyed, but it was fine. I had a good time. 
It was one drunken, semi-loud, high, sex-capade that lasted about 20 minutes.
We shared a cigarette afterward–surprise, surprise–and we talked a bit more. He was such a gent. I was pleasantly surprised. He asked if I needed a ride home, but I said I’d manage. He even offered money for a cab, but I passed on that too. It felt kind of hooker-y or something.
It was definitely one fun night and a great story for the grandkids. 
I still have the signed guitar. Debating whether or not to sell it on Ebay. I could definitely use the cash.” 
as told to David Yi
***Name and a few, if any facts have been changed at the request of the subject. 


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