The Astro Twins Predict 2014: Bieber’s in Rehab & Galliano’s in Charge

December 18, 2013 • Culture

Astro Twins

As the New Year hovers above like an abysmal cloud, we can’t help but wonder: how can we be optimistic about 2014 when we’re trying to sort out how we even survived 2013? And will we be strong and able enough to deal with whatever 2014 brings forth? Because we’re in desperate need of celestial guidance we reached to twin sisters Tali and Ophira Edut, better known as The Astro Twins, who are not only united by blood but also by their astrology expertise.

We asked these identical beauties, who will be releasing their forthcoming Momstrology (Harper Collins) next spring, to look into the stars and tell us the future that awaits in 2014. Not only for us but for our favorite crazed celebs.

This year  was an especially rough year for most, can you explain why that was?

Some major planets—Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune were in emo water signs in 2013, putting the focus back on feelings. In our fast-paced, tech-fueled world, there really isn’t time to just sit down and have cry or even a heart-to-heart very often. But buried feelings demanded we pause and derailed many of us.

Also, there were squares (90 degree angles) between shadowy Pluto and disruptive Uranus which forced massive change for many of us. This made people restless one minute, clingy the next. And hidden enemies came out of the woodwork.


What are your general predictions for 2014?

Next year will still be an emotionally charged, but we have more faculties with dealing now. Saturn’s in Scorpio until December 23rd, insisting that we take love and sex far more seriously—no more Jersey Shore “smush room” action. Saturn has been in this sign since October 2012 so we’re getting used to its intensity. Nothing feels light and breezy.

Jupiter is in Cancer until July 16 which keeps inflating our emotions but making us more appreciative of true friends and family. It’s positive for the real estate market, family owned businesses and work with food, restaurants, women and children. Then, Jupiter moves into glamorous, passionate Leo from July 16 until August 2015. Life becomes a lot more festive for everyone though dramatic. The return of the celebutante is nigh! This will be wonderful for the fashion industry too, people will want to dress up and wear more flamboyant clothes.

Eclipses begin on the Aries/Libra axis (that last until March 2016) helping us balance the “me” with the “we.” Codependent couples need some breathing room while overly self-focused people will learn to care for others living on Planet Earth.

It’s the Year of the Horse so we’ll be in a lively, energetic and industrious groove. Not much time to lounge, although we can do some spiritual seeking in our spare time since in numerology 2014 is a 7 year.

Out of all the zodiac signs which sign will have the best luck in 2014?

Libras will enjoy having Mars in their sign until July 25 and will be motivated in ways they haven’t felt in years. Cancers who are willing to embrace change and take a risk will flourish. As will Leos when lucky Jupiter enters their sign on July 16—as long as they don’t blow their budgets.

Which sign will have trouble in 2014?

Cancers who cling to the past or refuse to make a big leap. Scorpios may struggle with Saturn in their sign and Sagittarians will have to retreat and do some soul searching that may slow their preferred fast pace.

Alright let’s get down to business. What do you foresee for the following celebs:


Kim Kardashian  & Kanye West

With feisty Mars in Libra—Kim’s sign—for the first eight months of 2014, the relationship-obsessed Kardashian could get in touch with the independent woman within. She won’t take kindly to be treated like arm candy but may be more amenable to the long-distance factor of her relationship. Gemini Kanye will be in family man mode for the first part of the year, but his wandering eye could be activated mid-July. Absence may make the heart grow fonder for someone nearby. If he tours in the second half of 2014, Kim would be wise to grab the pack and play and take baby North on the road with dad. Kim & Kanye Take The Tour Bus? Well, why not?


Amanda Bynes

Electrifying, rebellious Uranus has been touring Aries since March 2011, which helped turn Bynes’ trouble into a high-wattage disaster. The child star needs to stay far away from stressful situations, which could cause her to snap under the Uranian influence. With Jupiter in her family sector until July 16, she should stay put at her parents’ pad. Her return to fame may come after that when Jupiter lights up her fame sector.


Justin Bieber

With foggy Neptune hovering over his Pisces Sun, the Biebs won’t make too many strides in the good judgment department. The hard partying lifestyle could overtake him before the summer. There could even be an unplanned pregnancy. Lookout fangirls! Or a stint in rehab. Um, never say never. He’ll be back on the wagon after July 16, when Jupiter illuminates his healthy living sector for twelve months.


John Galliano

Sagittarius John Galliano was born under the sign known for “open mouth, insert polished wingtip” moments. But with Saturn in his 12th house of healing and amends from October 2012 until late December 2014, he still has plenty of cleanup work to do this year. The amends must keep coming, and no more “blackout drinking,” John! We’ll see a tamer, toned down Galliano emerge after December 21 when Saturn enters Sagittarius. His experience in the industry should carry him to a prestigious position in 2015, however, he may start lower on the ladder than he’d like.

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