Beyonce’s Art of Fashion, Pt. 1 (Special Edition)

December 23, 2013 • Fashion

Consider this project an eclectic mixtape, but rather with music, it’s focused around imagery. With the recent release of Beyonce’s fifth studio album that had a music video accompanying each song, I decided to dedicate this series to the prolific artistry that Beyonce and her team created to bring each song to life. Be it references to Issey Miyake, Kylie Minogue, Pina, or Snoop Dogg; Beyonce’s eclectic music videos unleashed her repertoire of true performance ability with each video evoking distinct moods, visual palettes and overall visions. From channeling the spirit of an energetic and neon ridden rollerblading rink in “Blow”, to encapsulating  her message in “***Flawless” to be a powerful woman via an underground party shot in black and white, each video was witty in references and paid keen attention to how the visuals matched up with every note of the respective song. This series is a celebration of Beyonce’s passionate lifetime dedicated to producing legendary music, all leading up to another stellar album that proves Beyonce is truly the people’s pop star.

1) “Paris Is Burning” by Jennie Livingston (1990) x “Pretty Hurts”


2) “Haunted” x “Issey Miyake” by Irving Penn (1988)



3) “Austere Vision” by Steven Meisel (2008) x “Heaven”




4) “Flesh Tone” by Kelis (2010) x “Partition”




5) “Sensual Seduction” by Snoop Dogg (2007) x “Grown Woman”




6) “Blow” x “Slow” by Kylie Minogue (2003)




7) Vogue Russia by Matthew Donaldson (1999) x “Jealous”


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