Andreea Diaconu: From Nada to Prada

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“No Makeup.” That’s one of the first categories of Google-able images you’ll find of Romanian model Andreea Diaconu, second only to “Street Style” – which basically means bitch has a wardrobe and a face that will make you hate her desperately. And let’s not even talk about that body. Jesus Christ. Life, as many know all too well, is not always fair. It doles out its blessings unevenly, like a crappy saltshaker with half of its holes corroded with an old, brackish crust. Some people get nothing, most people get something, and others get it all. Andreea falls into the latter camp.

After having been approached about modeling a couple times and passing on the opportunity, Andreea finally broke down and reluctantly joined the fashion racket. Neither the siren song of fame or fortune alone could lure her in; what eventually propelled her into a successful career working with the likes of style wunderkinds like Katie Grand and Camilla Nickerson, as well as one-name photography duos like Mert and Marcus or Inez and Vinoodh, was more earnest: she needed money for karate camp. Gorgeous and grounded, people. Go ahead and hate her some more.

From the start, Andreea quickly capitalized on that whole shamelessly beautiful thing that some girls can pull off without looking like boring homecoming queens. Sporting the cigarettes-and-cocaine cheekbones of Michelle Pfeiffer circa Scarface and the luscious brunette vibes of a European Lily Aldridge, Andreea was booking spreads in AnOther, W, Elle, and various international editions Vogue from the get-go. Then came the shows. You know just, like, Chanel, Dior, Valentino. No bigs. And then there were the campaigns. Ralph Lauren, Max Mara, Celine. Totally normal!

And so when Andreea chopped her hair towards the end of 2013, it was clearly not in a desperate, scrambling attempt to revive a dead and unlucrative career – which can certainly be a risk. Attempting to fix something that ain’t broke in fashion can cost a working girl plenty of cash if things don’t go as planned. (Remember when Arizona Muse did that second coming of Pat Benetar thing to her hair?) But if Andreea’s latest gigs for Spring 2014 are any indication, the new rock ‘n roll chop isn’t hurting her. With a new, grown-up Charlotte Rampling-esque sexiness, Andreea’s already has campaigns for Gucci and Belstaff in her back pocket.

I’m pretty sure she’ll be able to continue to afford that karate camp.

Verdict: Once a Prada, always a Prada.

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