An Intense Discussion About Miley For Marc

January 9, 2014 • Fashion

Miley for Marc

Just like the rest of the internet, The Style Con staff’s head exploded when they caught a glimpse of the Miley for Marc campaign images that hit the web yesterday. Immediately we e-mailed our friends over at The Fashion Law with the subject MIND BLOWN. A response was quickly in our inbox and soon we had a full blown debate going: was the fall of the fashion world or perhaps a lip injection or a facelift for it? Is this equivalent to Beyonce’s album release just a month back? Who is Miley Cyrus? We both agreed that the conversation deserved more thought, thus, we slept on it and regrouped this morning to gchat the hell out of the topic…

TFL: I’m pretty perplexed. I came to the conclusion that for the most part, all of the S/S 2014 ads are terrible. Louis Vuitton made Gisele looks like a lion/tranny. Rihanna x Balmain, don’t get me started…


 TSC:  Rihanna x Balmain is interchangeable with her Zico ads. There’s no story behind it whatsoever. She’s in a white room wearing clothing that look like they were sold at Forever21 right around the time Mandy Moore’s “Candy” hit TRL. But… I think the Miley ad has something different from almost every other campaign, which is the adherence to the fourth wall. She isn’t looking directly into the camera. And while this is a very small thing, if you look at every other campaign, those eyes are straight forward, looking at the reader saying: BUY THIS.


TFL: I think that’s the appeal of Miley both in fashion and music. She doesn’t give a fuck. I actually think the campaign works. I don’t hate it, which is pretty noteworthy since I hate everything. I will say this, though: The pout in the main picture (apparently there are two) is just over the top. It is WAY too forced. Her face is flawless. She actually has great cheekbones (or big shout out to the dude who airbrushed this!), but the pout just isn’t doing it for me.


TSC: But what else would she be doing? How many campaigns do we see with smiles? Especially from celebrities. Those sort of ads seem reserved for mommy beauty lines. For me the pout is a bit off putting. You’re right about the cheek bones, but she also has some baby fat still. There’s still that really weird Hannah Montana youth interspersed with her present Bangerz motif, and in this post-apocalyptic scenario it’s jarring.


TFL: You’re right. A smile would be supes weird but is there not a happy medium? Maybe she’s just not a great model. I mean, she’s a nodel afterall. And I guess that is the appeal. I think she’s KILLING the second image. So good.

Miley for Marc

TSC: But that could also be because you can’t see her face.


TFL: Oh fuck, it probably is because half of her face is covered! The campaign has me at the post-apocalyptic scene – FYI. So dark and beautiful.


TSC:  Yeah, where the hell did that come from? It has an essence of the MJ S/S 14 show, with Sky et. al. but it also has some of the last Louis Vuitton show. To sum it up simply: shit-is-dark. I’m wondering if this is marking a change of direction for the brand as a whole.


TFL:  I’m sure. I think that the brand itself is set to get a total makeover (not necessarily a good one) now that Marc is fully present. He definitely has everyone’s attention now, so that’s a good place for him to start. When was the last time his brand was THIS relevant? When he put those 14 and 15 year old girls on the runway for NYFW in the collection with the big hats maybe.



TSC:  I can’t help but wonder if this whole thing was just kind of a fluke. I think more than having Miley as the face of the campaign, the more “shocking” aspect is that Juergen Teller didn’t shoot it. Marc Jacobs spoke to this saying simply that Juergen didn’t want to shoot Miley. I don’t think the campaign would be as successful if it was the usual washed out Teller treatment.


TFL: Isn’t that part of its appeal? It is so, so different from what we would normally see from Marc (with the exception of that one Edie Campbell and Lily McMenamy image from Fall 2013).


Part of me hopes he goes back to Juergen but if not, I am really into the Daria for Celine campaigns coming from Paris these past several seasons!Why couldn’t Marc have just put Miley in a shopping bag a la Victoria Beckham? Those were the days!


TSC: Well this brings up the final, and perhaps most important question: where does Miley rank on Marc’s list of muses? She’s no Sofia Coppola (dur), but she def has Christina Ricci beat – in my mind – and I do like that she seems to be taking Marc out of his “shell.” I think she’s inspiring the initial recalcitrant designer that got fired from Perry Ellis in ’93, and that’s exciting to see.


TFL: Ohhh that’s a good one. Definitely no Sofia but I see Sofia more as a Marc Jacobs for Louis Vuitton Muse. I think Miley really works for Marc’s namesake brand.


TSC:  For sure. But again, Winona Ryder, Miley is not.


TFL:  No certainly not Winona, but Marc is different. I find him to be so much more light hearted in his designs and his whole approach (non-LV and even some LV, hell, him and Sprouse put graffiti on Louis bags against everyone’s wishes) to Fashion is almost conducive to having someone like Miley be front and center. It probably wouldn’t work for anyone else. It definitely doesn’t feel as weird as Kristen Stewart for Balenciaga, you know?


TSC: Do you think there’ll be a second campaign with her? I think it’s a one-off, but maybe she’ll walk his show, or at least be front row center. Oh Jesus… how much press is the show gonna get because of this! Every site/blogger/magazine from Vogue to bumbblefuckfashion will be speculating. Lord…


TFL: FML. I can’t even deal with the web speculation that will take the form of 1046573 articles.


TSC:  “Miley’s going to perform” “Miley’s gonna walk” Miley tells sources she’s not even going.” “Miley for Marc: Suck a dick!” blah, blah, blah. Oy. If ya can’t beat em, join ‘em. Who do you speculate will be the next face of Marc Jacobs?


TFL:  In the wise words of Selena Gomez: “If you want me, I’m accepting applications.” – So, maybe she’s next! In reality, it will probably be some variation of Lily M. or Julia Nobis or maybe a weird new face. #NewFaces

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