Let’s Talk About Retoxing

January 21, 2014 • Culture


Some of us on some mornings (or every morning depending on your level of psycho) wake up craving/needing a green juice. Some of us take entire weeks of our lives to drink nothing but juice and if you’ve ever done that then you know how much it sucks. Don’t pretend you like it. Some of us quit cigarettes, or take a break from being a pot-head… for, like, a week, or remove sugar from our daily intake, or spend a week attempting to extract our past misdeeds via our pores while schvitzing in a sweat lodge in Arizona or somewhere even less chic (if that’s possible). One way or another, there exists a pressure to detox. To be better. Constantly. We’re bred to believe that we could always be cleaner, we could always be healthier, and we could always be clearer. Harder, better fast-blah blah. Right, Tom Cruise? I know my boy Tom agrees with me.


Well, fuck. How has it not occurred to me until now that all of this pressure to detox may not be the most healthy of preoccupations? Could be the solemness of New York’s particularly frigid winter this year that’s nudged me towards the ‘dark side,’ but lately I’ve been wanting nothing more than to retox. Yes, by that I mean re-issue toxins into my body, lifestyle, and journey. And to be honest, it’s been fabulous.


I’m staying out later than late, I’m having one or two more drinks than I want, I’m eating foods that satisfy me because they taste good not because they’re low in sodium, I’m pushing it to the extra mile and generally going ham. There is only so much potential energy we can throw towards our happiness and right now it seems to be my moment to focus on satisfaction, not health. #thrive #boop!


So, take this as a call to prioritize the REtoxing of your currently over-pressurized mind, body, and soul. Better yet, take this time in your life as an opportunity to MEtox. Listen to your body and give it what it wants for a change, who cares about what it needs. Boring.

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