The New Art of Fashion, Part XII

January 23, 2014 • Fashion

Consider this project an eclectic mixtape, but rather with music, it’s focused around imagery. So what started off as drawing commonalities between the gradient background of a Genghis Khan portrait and an image from a 1996 Issey Miyake runway show began my project to juxtapose images that are not always necessarily similar in subjects, but have links in their coloring, shapes, and moods evoked. For me, a bulk of my inspirations and visions trace back to fashion; be it a SoundCloud discovery as a potential Balenciaga soundtrack, or a DMV line-up as an imagined setting for a shot by Mario Sorrenti for Vogue Nippon editorial. I wanted the worlds of my inspirations, be it art, fashion or music to become more interconnected than ever and to create possible mood-boards that my treasured visionaries may have used when creating the very works that are now an integral core of my aesthetic vision.

1) Hirano Takaci (2012) x Maison Martin Margiela (2012)


The design team at Maison Martin Margiela employed the face-obscuring motif that seems to seep into every collection post-exit of Margiela from his own label. Fall/winter 2012 wasn’t any different, turtlenecks with dramatic necks that sat beneath the models eyes fulfilled the obscuring tactic that has now become formulaic. One specific turtleneck in an off-white knit was reminiscent of one worn by a model in a Ukraine based series shot by Hirano Takaci in 2012.

2) “The Decorating Book” by Mary Gilliatt (1981) x Alek Wek in “Champ De Couleur” by Jean-Baptiste Mondino for Vogue Paris (1997)


An excerpt from Mary Gilliatt’s “The Decorating Book” showcased a bathing area for the home inspired by spas. The pure marble tiling done in dark greens complimented the teal walls and screens, with the only pops of color being water lilies wading in the in-ground tub and a red towel thrown by the tub. The color scheme of the photo was exactly the same as an editorial starring Alek Wek that had Alek dressed in various reds while her entire environment was conflicting teals.

3) Salma Hayek at the VMA’s red carpet (1998) x Naomi Campell at Versace (1996)


This red carpet shot of Salma Hayek taken in 1999 shows Salma looking over the shoulder, commanding attention to the butterfly body art on her back and forearm. A look very specific to the year the photo was taken and probably no longer seen (at least not any current red carpets), made me think of color schemes and dresses that were the embodiment of Salma’s body art, hence the pairing with a lavender and baby blue silk Versace gown worn by Naomi.

4) Gisele Bündchen + Scott Barnhill by Phil Poyner for The Face magazine (1999) x Leomie Anderson + Harry Uzoka by Jeff Hahn for Rollacoaster magazine (2012)


Not only one of the photos of Gisele I cherish the most, but probably one of my favorites ever was taken by Phil Poynter for the December 1999 issue of The Face magazine. Gisele, clad in a cropped black turtleneck lay in crisp leaves, while a naked Scott Barnhill lay on top of her. Years later, Harry Uzoka and Leomie Anderson paid homage to the iconic photo by (perhaps unintentionally) recreating it.

5) Mel B. (1995) x Fábio Tavares by Nuno Vieira (2012)


Metallic clothing of any shade is incredibly important to me, as is Mel B., so this set pretty much speaks for itself.

  • Yulia

    What? #4 is clearly paying homage to the iconic Yoko Ono and John Lennon Rolling Stone cover.

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