Agnes Nabuurs: From Nada to Prada

January 27, 2014 • Fashion

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“She’s so ‘normal’ looking to me, but it’s nice…” 

So wrote one commenter of Dutch model Agnes Nabuurs on The Fashion Spot’s message board, a place where model enthusiasts stalk, chart, post, revere, revile, and – in my case – research. It is the beta Magna Carta of careers, where you get a chronological, documented account of a girl’s appearance in the fashion world, from potentially regrettable start to laughably lucrative finish. Had I more a remarkable career myself, I would have hated this website. But I didn’t, so yay!

Of the many girls out there — with their mannish jaws, their bleached out eyebrows, their teeth wide enough to slide sardines through – Agnes Nabuurs is indeed “normal looking” by industry standards, which is probably why after a stint of working with long, dirty blonde hair, someone came in and turned her into a saucy, raven haired minx with a short bob. Eureka! Fashion! Those who might have been snoring on the intro, craving something more deliciously strange, started to take note.

“Normal” Nabuurs booked work, of course, shooting for the likes of Elle NL and Grazia. But the new Nabuurs, who appeared with a sporty cut in early 2012, began walking for Victoria Beckham, Acne, Christopher Kane, Missoni, Dries, Dolce, etc. She quickly went onto book editorials in L’Officiel, Vogue China, Marie Claire Italy, and Wonderland, as well as land a campaign for Jill Stuart, posed next to hair twin (and original short chop gangster) Kel Markey. If the proof is in the pudding, then Nabuurs’ cut is some tasty chocolate Jello ish.

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Since the initial chop, there have been a few iterations of Nabuurs’ short hair – little shorter here, little darker there. Because I like the twisted, sick beauty of baby alien models, the more fucked up they make Agnes the better. I want more makeup, more earrings, more, I don’t know, dragon tattoos. I need my girls with a bit of edge, a sexed-up swagger that makes men blow their loads and me blow my bank account on Gucci crop tops and a pair of leather ankle booties. That’s what I look for in my models. Nabuurs dances on the edge of this proverbial load-blowing, a tightrope walk that will take maintenance, perseverance, and probably nipple rings.

Verdict: Keep it weird, Nabuurs.

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