Iris & Daniel: DROWNERS and Saint Laurent, Between Us Girls

February 4, 2014 • Fashion, Music


From their latest music video A Button On Your Blouse

DROWNERS have just released their debut self-titled album, and we’re a little bit obsessed with them and Saint Laurent Model-Frontman Matt Hitt’s brand of overstayed, overgrown sleepy teen dreaminess. We discuss that obsession, Hedi Slimane’s Saint Laurent, and creating a world for your own, between us girls.

Iris: I’ve been looking forward to this album ever since they put out their Between Us Girls EP, like I’ve been a #fan of Matt Hitt’s modeling career since 2009ish and when I found out he was part of the band Muscle Club, I was obsessed and now this! I pre-ordered  the album and got an original polaroid from the band (Hey I got a photo of Matt). DROWNERS has been on my repeat since the day it came in the mail. Laptop, iPod, I even broke out my old boombox to blast it throughout my house.

Daniel: I am getting the visual. Which are your faves?

Iris: Unzip Your Harrington (“I’m gonna hang around long enough to be part of the furniture oh boy you look so suave”) and You’ve Got It Wrong (“and somewhere in the corner in the corner I’m telling her a joke and shes crying laughing because that’s exactly how it goes”). Those are my most played songs on the album. I think they’re my favorite for Matt’s dreamy voice and like really cute lyrics. I die inside every time. I can totally imagine Unzip Your Harrington being playing at my dream prom I’ve only heard these songs from the live versions and whatever, but holy cow!!! the album versions, I was officially obsessed.

Daniel: I still really like love Long Hair and that first song Ways to Phrase a Rejection. I think those are my favorites. IDK about music but I love the mood.

Matt Hitt walking Saint Laurent Spring/Summer 2014 and at Hedi Slimane’s after party

Iris: These songs are so dreamy, glittery, like if this song had vision it wouldn’t have 20/20 vision. It’s so Gaussian Blur. There’s silver glitter on the floor and I’m waiting by the punch bowl table dateless. Then I hear the footsteps of someone walking towards me and I look up and it’s Matt Hitt and he asks me if I want to dance with him and I’m like hell yuh (imagine the height difference). Then the scene ends with some blur and then in pink or maybe red script font with “Fin”.

Daniel: God. o_O Lmfao but like seriously this whole prom scene makes sense. Like their vibe is very dwindling people, sleepy dreary dreaminess at the end of the night, but in a sweet way. And even though Saint Laurent is treated as this aggressor in fashion because of the way its been re-branded and whatever, looking closer at the clothes reveals something so much more meek. Like for Fall/Winter 2014, they looked so shy a lot of it was almost nervous looking. It’s diary entries and home videos instead of a momentous theatrical experience, even though it’s framed like that. There’s something really intimate about the creation and relationship between these boys and those clothes.

Iris: Imagine a prom with all the Saint Laurent boys and girls. I already know what the playlist looks like.

mattIris: Remember when we met Matt at their concert in August?! I wish my prom fantasy would have happened but meeting him then was literal close enough in my eyes. He was such a sweetheart and easy to talk too! I was wearing red lipstick and when we he hugged I got some of my lipstick on his right arm of his leather jacket. Even though you couldn’t visibly see my lipstick on his jacket, like just the thought that it happened. I died. And Matt’s instagram with the photo of the Harry Styles pin we gave him. I’m gonna faint. Can you believe they are coming here on April 16 again. It’s 21+ only and I’m turning 21 literally two weeks later. I’m gonna die. I’m googling fake IDs. Not for real, don’t arrest me!!! I do it for love.

Daniel: …I’m crying for you omg. But yeah, I was freaking out. I can’t believe that happened? Lmfao. But legit so nice and cool. That’s how I feel about them and the world they create with their imagery and whatever! It’s so obviously about what he/they love and it really feels like an effort of experiencing and creating within your own obsessions. It’s like hanging out with your friends and having a circle of safety to produce what you want for each other even if it’s for no one else. That’s what’s so attractive about Saint Laurent too from like all the different levels of approaching it from cruel disdain to brand infatuation. It’s so ceaselessly created for its own that it either makes you want to join or it completely alienates. I wanna join.

Iris: Same. BTW buy DROWNERS on iTunes!!!!!

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