Kiesza’s New Video Will Remind You Winter Suxxx

February 25, 2014 • Music


Maybe it’s because this is the longest, coldest, most miserable POS winter on record, but Kiesza’s new video for her track “Hideaway” looks like a shining light at the end of the tunnel… or it could just be another reason to not wake up tomorrow to a pair of salt-stained boots and yet another 20-degree morning. I haven’t yet decided; my seasonal affective disorder is seriously affecting my decision making processes. What I do know is this: The song makes me want to dance despite myself, and girl gets triple points for the video’s references to 1948’s The Red Shoes, some decidedly West Side Story vibes, and bringing back The Running Man. Yes. The Running Man. Children of the ‘80s, rejoice.

  • geoff

    hi what are the shoes kiesza wearing in hideaway

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