Frank Ocean + Diplo + The Clash = The Most Eclectic Collabo Ever

March 11, 2014 • Music



Talk about rando. This is almost like that time Carlos Santa and Michelle Branch teamed up for that song back in the early aughts… the main difference being this new song doesn’t make my ears leak blood. Converse recently brought together Frank Ocean, Diplo, and The Clash’s Mick Jones and Paul Simonon for an unexpected and totally listenable track as a part of the company’s “Three Artists, One Song” series (aka your unofficial sneaker soundtrack). Bringing together R&B silkiness, an electro undercurrent, guitar riffs, and a child choir moment I could have honestly done without (Let’s be real: the only prepubescent vocals you’ll ever need can be found in “We Don’t Need No Education” by Pink Floyd and Ryan Gosling’s “Pa Pa Power“), “Hero” is a catchy multi-genre effort. One part nostalgia and two parts Frankie’s sex swag, I don’t know whether to sway by a jukebox drink milkshakes in saddle shoes or, you know, just lick someone’s face. SO MANY FEELINGS, PEOPLE. SO MANY FEELINGS.

Photo courtesy of Frank Ocean and Band of Outsiders.

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