Desperation Dressing for Spring

March 12, 2014 • Fashion


So it’s, like, supposed to rain in New York today, which got me eagerly thinking about the day I can officially burn all of my winter coats in bitter effigy and start wearing shorts. While we’re a few months off from that delicious, sweaty, margaritas-in-the-sunshine moment, we’re almost into spring. Think leafing trees, daffodils, chirping birds, whatever. You know, THE DESIRE TO LIVE. And what better way to embody that hope than in a reconstructed version of John Cusack’s iconic dork-prepared-for-rain outfit a la Say Anything?

So the baggy pant thing isn’t going to work for spring (or the foreseeable fashion future) but J Brand makes some ankle-length skinnies that are perfect for staying dry-ish during the monsoon season. Swap out Cusack’s scary-looking ’80s sneakers for some black and white Nikes. Now for music: Boom boxes are pretty unpractical (and probably dangerous when wet). Keep the tunes to your lonely self with a  pair of Beats By Dre headphones in white. And, finally, the pièce de résistance: le raincoat. TBH, Cusack’s version is still 100% wearable, but Jenni Kayne makes a version in houndstooth that is pretty bangin’.


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