Woman’s Hour: Just in Time

March 12, 2014 • Music

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The futuristically soulful UK-based Woman’s Hour is trickling its way into the US with their new single, “Her Ghost.” The band is comprised of brother and sister Fiona and Will Burgess along with former schoolmates Josh Hunnisett and Nicholas Graves. At first listen, the lush instrumentals pour themselves over Fiona’s sweetly ethereal vocals. After a few songs, the dark and lovelorn qualities of the Sade-esque songstress take center stage.

A deeper look into their videos and album artwork shows a fragility and vulnerability with an eye for detail in demonstrating these qualities. It is the perfect marriage of aesthetic and sound, complementary and specific. Using archived 1950s instruction manual imagery and sign language, the band conveys a simplicity also found in their music. The sparse, pop instrumentals are reminiscent of Angelo Badalamenti laced with the electronic fluidity of Brian Eno. Fiona’s vocals then add to the melancholic mystery.

After a serious dig through all things Woman’s Hour, I pieced together how important their aesthetics are for their music. Sneaking around the band’s social media, you sense their love for simplistic design and for artists like Sophie Calle. Lyrically, you can feel a romantic sensitivity that resonates throughout, also reflective of their aesthetic. Their deep and textural sound is perfectly reflected in the song, “I Need You.”

Releasing their first single back in 2011, they’ve just been signed by Secretly Canadian right before their US debut at SXSW this week. With the label now behind them, releasing a full-length seems imminent. Combining music that tugs at the heartstrings, artfully curated visual accompaniments, and the right team behind them, Woman’s Hour is the whole package.

And a remix… just for fun.


Photos courtesy of Woman’s Hour.

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