Six Seconds with Kris Kidd

March 19, 2014 • Culture

Meet Kris Kidd, author of the recently published I Can’t Feel My Face. Maybe you’ve seen him around already. He’s that thin LA kid with the strong cheekbones, the close-shaven haircut, sometimes with blood pouring out of his mouth and occasionally in furs. You know, living life. Unsatisfied simply by standing on the sidelines of this young man’s Instagram feed, we wanted to ask him a few questions. And so here’re your six seconds with Kris Kidd, just one more scratch to add to the surface.


Name: Kris Kidd.


Age: Too young to drink legally and too old to care.


Birthplace: Los Angeles, California.



Current-place: Los Angeles, California.


State your deal: Writing is my deal. Everything else just kind of happened organically. I started pursuing photography first, just because I thought it was a fun challenge, and I ended up being scouted when I was about fourteen. It’s been a wild ride. And as far writing goes, I’ve been documenting my experience the whole time.

You can find Kris Kidd’s I Cant’ Feel My Face here or at MJ’s Bookmarc. You can find the man himself at @kriskidd.


Photos courtesy of Kris Kidd via Instagram and Cameron Lee Phan.



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