Mr Little Jeans “Pocketknife” Album Stream

March 20, 2014 • Music


The first time I heard Mr Little Jeans was during a little bout of I-think-I’ll-just-kill-myself-now time I’d like to refer to as 2011. RAC’s remix of her “Rescue Song” seemed a pretty appropriate title for a track that defined that bleak and barren winter and a brain space to match. Well, good news, people! My depression is gone and Mr Little Jeans is back with Pocketknife, her full-length L.P., featuring all the original versions of songs that have been remixed into oblivion on the internet over the last two years, including this sexy little version of Arcade Fire’s “Suburbs” and then some.

Click here to stream Mr Little Jeans’ Pocketknife. 

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