Beauty Inspo: Red Eyes at Undercover Fall 2014

April 3, 2014 • Beauty


It’s been a little over a month since the Undercover Fall 2014 show and I’m still thinking about it. No, not the clothes (sorry Jun), but the bright red eye makeup. A few months ago, I was all over this scene from Lucio Fulci’s Euro-horror classic City of the Living Dead where one character has blood flow out of her eyes then regurgitates her guts, so I nearly died when I saw this backstage video on Instagram¬†from the Undercover show of a model receiving drops of Kryolan eye blood into her eyes. The product itself is slightly terrifying to use and short-lived (only lasting a few minutes), but so worth it. The effect is almost surreal – and I’m all for surreal makeup!


Then, there’s the MAC Cherry lip liner on the top and bottom waterlines that’s obviously easier to execute and incorporate into actual looks. It reminds me of my daily look with caked on red eyeliner + red eyeshadow in middle school, back when I looked up to Marilyn Manson and Gerard Way for makeup tips. The Undercover version is simple yet still intense, and there’s probably less of a chance I’d be asked whether I’m either goth, emo, or scene (oh, middle school).

Note: Be cautious when using lip liner around your eyes, especially if you have sensitive eyes or skin, since many are not approved for use around the immediate eye area. Even though it’s made specifically for use in eyes, I still recommend using Kryolan eye blood with caution as well.

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