This Dress is a Threat to Mankind

April 7, 2014 • Fashion


Buyer beware: This is for the true exhibitionists only. Studio Roosegaarde just developed a haute couture dress for their INTIMACY 2.0 project that turns completely transparent when the wearer starts feeling randy. (Hope this thing comes with a note!) Using smart e-foils wired with electronics and LEDs, it becomes increasingly sheer to the point of transparency as the wearer’s heart rate spikes–you know, as it does when you’re in the presence of someone you’d like to pounce on. This, I imagine, could lead to countless awkward interactions and the subsequent outing of all hidden crushes and morbid fetishes. Then again, maybe masochism is what you’re into… in which case, buy away! All I know is that dudes (and ladies, obvs) are going to start bringing their A-game, because unlike that orgasm your babe just faked, she’s not going to be able to fake whether or not you do anything for her anymore. Welcome to the future of dating. Like, the future future.


Courtesy of Studio Roosegaarde

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