Ketamine Kures

April 7, 2014 • Culture


Photo courtesy of BridgAt

From the barnyard supply kit to the medicine cabinet of your psychiatrist. No longer reserved to simply sedate 1000-pound horses (or add some chemical flavor to your recreational stumble around the club), ketamine is now being used in some prelim trials to treat mental heath issues, particularly severe depression.

The initial trial, which tested 28 people, was recently published in the Journal of Psychopharmacology, and the results were pretty remarkable. As reported by the BBC: A team at Oxford Health NHS Foundation Trust gave patients doses of ketamine over 40 minutes on up to six occasions. Eight showed improvements in reported levels of depression, with four of them improving so much they were no longer classed as depressed. Some responded within six hours of the first infusion of ketamine.

Is this shit the next miracle dose? Who knows. They’re still working on the specifics, but it does sound promising. And for the tweakers out there looking for legitimization in a pinch, this article will help you the next time your mom busts you curled up comatose in your bedroom in the middle of some endless K-hole. Just don’t be surprised when you get thrown in therapy for your admission of hardcore depression instead putting the blame square on your drug habit.

Photo courtesy of BridgAt.

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