Who was Peaches Geldof?

April 7, 2014 • Culture


Earlier today, model, journalist, and British socialite Peaches Geldof was found dead in her home in England, just 25 years old. Right now the Internet is throwing itself into its usual post-trauma tizzy, a firestorm of the same Instagram shots of Peaches and her two young sons, along with reminders of a history of drug and alcohol abuse, references to her mother Paula Yates’ passing overdose, and an abused set of quotes from her father, Bob Geldof. There is little to add to the conversation at this point. It has been established that her death was sudden and unexpected, and there is nothing to do but speculate. For those less familiar with the young woman’s role in pop culture, we’ve provided a handful of articles from years past to shed light on who Peaches Geldof was.

“What’s my favorite chat-up line? Hi, my name is Peaches” via The Standard, 2008 — The editor who gave Peaches Geldof her big break reveals the dangerous blend of precocious attention-seeking and naivety that led to her shock marriage.

“Peaches Geldolf: Girl About Town” by Esther Walker, 2008 — The daughter of Bob Geldof and Paula Yates is cutting a swathe through the London social scene. But is her hectic lifestyle taking its toll?

“Peaches Geldof speaks for first time about traumatic childhood” via The Telegraph — Peaches Geldof has spoken for the first time about her heartache, telling Elle magazine she is determined to give her baby son Astala the stable family life she never had.

The Saturday Night Show: Peaches Geldof — Brendan O’Connor talks to Peaches Geldof about her new show and her experience of ‘cuddle parties.’

Teenage Mind — In 2005, Peaches led viewers through a TV documentary investigating the experiences of various British teenagers. 


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