The New Art of Fashion XVIII

April 24, 2014 • Fashion

Consider this project an eclectic mixtape, but rather than music, it’s focused around imagery. What started off as drawing commonalities between the gradient background of a Genghis Khan portrait and an image from a 1996 Issey Miyake runway show began my project juxtaposing images that are not necessarily similar in subject, but have links in their coloring, shapes, and evoked moods. For me, the bulk of my inspiration and vision trace back to fashion, be it a SoundCloud discovery as a potential Balenciaga soundtrack or a DMV lineup as an imagined setting for a shot by Mario Sorrenti for Vogue Nippon. I wanted the worlds of my inspirations — art, fashion, music — to become more interconnected than ever and to create possible mood boards that my treasured visionaries might have used when creating the very works that are now an integral core of my aesthetic vision.

1) “Benny’s Video” (1992) by Michael Haneke x Hannelore Knuts in “Life” by Steven Meisel (2000)


A still from Michael Haneke’s “Benny’s Video” reminded me of an editorial by Steven Meisel titled “Life”. Starring Hannelore Knuts, the editorial centered around an American housewife doing day to day activities, all the while making sure to timely pose in her austere and blue toned home which is adjacent to the one in “Benny’s Video”.

2) Untitled by Nicolás Mastracchio (2006) x Lutz (2000)

German born designer, Lutz Huelle, launched his eponymous brand in 2000 and in that same year, his premiere show at Fabrice Hybert’s studio during Paris fashion week in a collection that was a tribute to his love for recontextualisation. Staying true to his vision of mixing and matching while working on structure and identity, Lutz fall/winter 2000 collection incorporated black twine, as did Nicolás Mastracchio in his work (left), which was wrapped around sock heels.

3) “Belly” by Hype Williams (1998) x The Perfume of the Lady in Black (1974)


Malik Hassan Sayeed’s “noir-like” visual design and cinematography for Hype William’s film, “Belly”, is one of my most absolute favorites in terms of visuals and one scene in particular which centers around Vita talking on the phone in a pink toned room always serves as inspiration. The phone scene which focuses in on a see-through phone is almost exactly the same as one in “The Perfume of the Lady in Black”, which is equally as inspiring.

4) Ariane Koizumi by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia (1984) x Madonna by Unknown (1985)


Ariane Koizumi was a staple model in the early 80’s fashion scene, working closely with Dior and Yves Saint Laurent, and right after being chosen as the muse of Steven Meisel who reinvented her look with a jagged pixie cut, a look that Madonna briefly wore as well.

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