Nail Art Woes: Waiting for the Next Big Thing

April 25, 2014 • Beauty


Currently in the world of nail art, I can’t help but feel a little bored. There’s been crackle and textured polishes, a million different glitter top coats, magnetic nail polish, duo/multi/whatever chromes, ombré everything, stickers and stamps that are always too small for my nails, water marbling, fan art galore (usually whatever Disney has going on, like Frozen), etc. There are so many possibilities it actually makes me nauseous and excited. I love nail trends because they’re wonderful and usually ridiculous and every year there’s at least some new effect but so far nothing of note has popped up. Many brands are still riding the sandy, textured nail polish trend, but can anything ever top Essie’s glittery tar for nails aka Belugaria? It’s so ugly and gunky looking I love it. However, it feels like the end of an era and I want something new.

What’s next? Gooey nails? Ooh, I liked the chipped nails at a Vivienne Westwood show a few seasons ago, maybe asymmetrical or skewed nails? Not trimming nails could become the new norm, people like “natural” right? Trimming nails doesn’t seem very “natural”, ha! Airbrush or spray nail polish? Fur nails?! I’m doing that asap. Dew-like drops on nails would be cool, maybe the most plausible. Who knows!

In the meantime, I’ve been breaking away from busy nails and revisiting subtle manicures, like the classic French manicure. It’s universally flattering on just about anyone, perhaps somewhat jarring on my long nails but still nice. For a more subtle, ‘my nails but better’ look, there’s sheer polish. It can be refreshing to have nearly bare nails in between colorful manicures. There’s OPI’s Sheer Tints and American Apparel’s Sheer nail polish which are both sheer and colorful. Color changing nail polish, like from Ruby Wing and Pretty & Polished, is so simple yet so cool because it’s like nail effects for lazy people. No special glue and weird velvety shavings, just nail polish. Only popular for like a month, it never quite became that big of a trend, though I wish it would have.

On my nails, I’m wearing Orly in Top 2 Bottom (base coat), Orly in White Tips, and NYC in Grand Central Station (top coat).

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  • kerry

    there’s always the velvet covered nails aka kenzo! fabric is the new decal.

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