Everyone Else is Doing It: Met Gala Coverage

May 6, 2014 • Fashion

So last night’s Met Gala theme was Charles James, the American couture designer whose work practically embodied everything Old Hollywood and old money socialites stood for from the mid-’20s on. Think 900 yards of luxe fabric, nipped in waists, draping that inspired 1000 window treatments, and anything else that allowed a woman to walk into a room and everyone else to look at her and go, “Daaaammmnnnn, bitch! You fancy!” A lot of people last night got the memo. Others, not so much. Herewith, our relatively irrelevant, totally subjective opinions.


For a second I thought this was from last year’s Gala with the punk theme, which is, now that I think about it, pretty fucking punk, albeit retroactively.


Erykah Badu, you had me back in ’97 with “On & On.” PS you just made Pharrell have to up his hat game.


In ten years Diane Kruger will be to women what Jared Leto is to men: A complicated source of anxiety and inspiration. Actually, I just Googled her age, which is already 37, which is insane. I’ll have whatever she’s having.


Pretty sure Zac Posen bust a nut when he heard what the theme of the Gala was this year. This dude lives for this shit.


If the Tiki Tiki Tiki Tiki Room was a speakeasy in Chicago during Prohibition.


This is an extremely well-dressed couple. Not even going to make jokes here. I’ll save that for his music videos.


If you’re going to dress like an Ice Capades girl, you better have a smile to match.


Dude, I love this, even though I feel like I shouldn’t because it reminds me of Dancing with Wolves and the leather La-Z-Boy I once watched it on back in the ’90s.


Anne Hathaway’s dress matches the red carpet to a tee, which is the closest thing she can do to actually disappearing, which is a-okay in my book. Sorry, that was mean. But, to be fair, I don’t think she would like me in real life, either.


If you’ve ever thought your life is inferior and you are terrible looking, look no further than Christy Turlington and Ed Burns for confirmation.


Stephanie Seymour is reverse aging.


Amanda Peet! Amanda Peet!


Chloe Sevigny makes me lament my childhood spent in the suburbs and a fashion sense that did not kick in until about last week.


Scott Campbell and Lake Bell are everything, all of the time.


I would like very much for NPH and David Butka to adopt me. I know I’m too old and not as cute as a kid in need, but I will be the best daughter you ever had.


Zoe Kravitz doing her Rihanna thing.


While Rihanna does her Rihanna thing.


The inspiration for this dress is the ending of Melancholia with the moon and the tent and the handholding. Spoiler alert: Everybody dies.


I’ll just end here.

Photos courtesy of Style.Com.


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