Jac: Never Look Back

May 7, 2014 • Culture

For the last six months, we’ve been providing you with some of the grittier, manlier, New York-ier images this city’s talented photographers have to offer. Now, we’re happy to introduce Jac (that’s right, no last name, just like Madonna), our new favorite pair of lady eyes on the West Coast. Her’s is a prettier take on a lusher landscape. For more candid snaps, you should definitely be following her on Instagram, where life is all palm trees and poolsides, that good ol’ LA thing.

vjWSs3CMbJalnsHCiZX9cIUaSOA8V8DtAvrxqqN3AZM7qxSS3I4WrrHkLppQ1ROjpuNwPPvRC4Ou2BeG_HBgJAIMG_5145IMG_4960L1040401IMG_6312IMG_9168UCRJD7RKEm6-hGj_VrzSzB9AiwdBim9ylncGcGv2VwQHP60rCHqqE4y6OHuKQCshPnALDAXDvKzzKizoff-BfIAll styling courtesy of Anette Nyseth


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