The New Art of Fashion XX

May 15, 2014 • Fashion

Consider this project an eclectic mixtape, but rather than music, it’s focused around imagery. What started off as drawing commonalities between the gradient background of a Genghis Khan portrait and an image from a 1996 Issey Miyake runway show began my project juxtaposing images that are not necessarily similar in subject, but have links in their coloring, shapes, and evoked moods. For me, the bulk of my inspiration and vision trace back to fashion, be it a SoundCloud discovery as a potential Balenciaga soundtrack or a DMV lineup as an imagined setting for a shot by Mario Sorrenti for Vogue Nippon. I wanted the worlds of my inspirations — art, fashion, music — to become more interconnected than ever and to create possible mood boards that my treasured visionaries might have used when creating the very works that are now an integral core of my aesthetic vision.

1) Alek Wek for Elle (1998) x Grace Bol by Rick Owens (2012)

A prime staple on the 90’s modelling scene as well as today, Alek Wek joins a new favorite, Grace Bol, in a simplistic black and white set that pays attention to cotton and body hugging clothing and graceful movements.

2) Kinder Aggugini (2012) x Audrey Tchekova at Alexander McQueen (

A play on “etiquette” first taken up by Alexander McQueen during his tenure at Givenchy, and years later by another London based designer, Kinder Aggugini, who both fashioned books out of hats as a nod to book balancing on heads, a practice known to attain posture and balance.

3) “Le Ultime Vestali” by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia (1998) x “Yōko Nagayama by Unknown

Yōko Nagayama’s dance with fire is adjacent to a couture supplement editorial by Steven Meisel for Vogue Italia titled “Le Ultime Vestali”, translated to ” Vestal Virgin”, which is a practice that in which a virgin vows to chastity by sharing the charge of maintaining the sacred fire burning on the goddess’s altar.

4) “Meet The Beetles” by Nick Knight for Arena Homme + (1996) x Alek Wek + John Gallaino by Unknown

Grease, sexual energy, and body contact are key similarities in this set that rely on contrasts between tonal qualities and submissive and dominant positioning.

  • Rashida

    The Alek + Galliano was also shot by Nick Knight

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