The Best/Worst Voting Campaigns of All Time: Dolphin Leather Daddys and the Apocalypse

May 16, 2014 • Culture

This popped up on my radar last night and I’m actually obsessed with it. The Danish government bankrolled this cartoon PSA that involves pretty much everything you would never expect a government ad to contain: orgies, violence, leather daddies, DOLPHINS. It was unfortunately yanked the day after the release. I mean, in my very serious investigative reporting — every Danish person I know who saw this is super bummed about it, too. BRB, moving to Denmark to be with my true people.


People would of course — rightfully — be scandalized by this in America, but let’s not forget our own amazing political ads to get out and vote. They’re usually less funny and more terrifying and weird, though. Let us not forget the horrifying and potent Daisy Ad from 1964. It without a doubt swung the election back towards Lyndon Johnson and fear based campaigns have been a very valid and very important part of our political system ever since. It also aired only once. You will see why.


So Denmark gets cool cartoons and we have a history of Apocalyptic terror. USA! USA! U! S! A!

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