Serve a Look That Will Melt Faces (But Not Yours)

May 22, 2014 • Beauty

Toasty weather can make it tough to pull off looks without everything melting off – unless you want it to melt off, which could potentially look cool now that I think about it. If you don’t want it to, there are primers, powders, and setting sprays to help fight it.

Try a primer before foundation. I suggest matching the bases of products, usually either silicone or water, so they can mesh together and last longer. For example, use a silicone-based primer underneath a silicone-based foundation and vice-versa with water-based products. In my experience, mismatched products have melted off easier because the bases didn’t adhere well together.

Try a setting powder and/or spray after all your makeup is done. Using powder seems to make the most difference in preventing oiliness. I like to apply it until I look slightly powdery so when I step outside, it settles and gives my skin a velvety finish. For sprays, my favorite is Urban Decay De-Slick Oil-Control Makeup Setting Spray. It’s like hairspray but for makeup.

If you feel like the products could make your skin look too dull and want dimension, add a highlighter or finishing powder. I used NARS Illuminator in Copacabana on my cheekbones, cupid’s bow, and down my nose. It can also be mixed in with foundation for a subtle, all-over glow.


Try an eyeshadow primer or base before adding makeup to your eyes. I’m never without Urban Decay Primer Potion, but I’ll double up when it’s hotter. Waterproof products are also the way to go. I used to get those little mascara marks underneath my eyebrows all the time – that won’t happen with a product that won’t budge.

Try a primer before filling in and powder for setting. I don’t mess around with eyebrows – I want those suckers to stay on. I love Hourglass Mineral Veil Primer because it makes the skin in the sparsest areas look smooth and nearly pore-less. Usually primer is good enough for keeping them on, but on the sweatiest of days where eyebrows can literally sweat off, just a few pats of setting powder can prevent that.

Does this mean you have to sacrifice your #look for practicality? Not really. These products are meant to help makeup stay on and last, whether it’s light or heavy. You can still rock pastel lips (like one of the new Macaron Lippies by NYX, I’m wearing Earl Grey), play with eyeliner, or do whatever you want. Take it from me, I’ve had some ridiculous, heavy looks. The one I had the most issues with was when I glued sequins to my face a la Givenchy in nearly 100°F heat and the eyelash glue melted into my eyebrows. Not even that bad.


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