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June 17, 2014 • Fashion

Alright, full disclosure: I met Whitney Brown, one part of the creative duo behind Valentine lingerie, back in Los Angeles when she was living with a soon-to-be-unbelievably-famous-but-will-not-be-named pop star and I was rocking an apartment with vertical blinds (and underground parking!). Paloma Jonas, the second part of this twosome, was still set up in her New York studio apartment in the LES above a now-defunct organic grocery store that now houses, I don’t know, fedoras or something. This was eight years ago and a lot has changed. The two have switched coasts, with Whitney on the east and Paloma on the west, and, more importantly, these long-time friends have since started a line of perfectly simple, perfectly sexy lingerie.

Built for ladies with a knack for the quietly fem, Valentine favors lace, forgoing the fuss. (If you like over-padded, over-bowed, over-bedazzled numbers that double as costumes during Rio’s Carnival, look elsewhere. Smaller chested girls, however, rejoice.) Valentine’s always been for the understated girl–the type of which can be readily found on the Valentine Blog, which has been profiling interesting, creative, and clever ladies (and gents, actually) since 2013.

Anyway, Whitney and Paloma were kind enough to talk to us about boys, bras, and sexiest-ever vacations. Oh! And if you want to see the goods in person, Valentine is having an event in NYC this Wednesday. Details below.


Describe Valentine in three words. Anndddd….go!

Whitney: Playful, romantic, fresh.

Paloma: Sexy, attractive, honest.

What kind of girls and guys do you look for to feature on the Valentine blog?

Whitney: Anyone with a spark that’s up to doing cool and creative things.

Paloma: We are always hunting for people to feature that have something unique going on. A little mystery combined with an attractiveness that we are drawn to in people.


Is Valentine the future savior of all, shall we say, smaller boobied girls?

Whitney: Valentine’s styles are less structured so the fit is definitely more appealing to girls that need less support. Girls who are smaller on top and don’t want to wear uncomfortable padding and underwire are the best candidates.

Paloma: We do think of ourselves as two gals on a mission to take care of the smaller busted babes. It’s important to remember that big boobs, little boobs everyone needs a supportive friend. A mini lift or a nice trim for some side boob. We got you girls.

Sexiest vacation you’ve ever taken.

Whitney: Vieques, Puerto Rico with my fiancé (boyfriend at the time). He had just moved to NYC from Stockholm so we could live together. Before the move, we took a much needed vacay. The island was empty and we were literally naked on every beach we visited!

Paloma: Road trip from Canada to Los Angeles. Spent NYE in the snowy mountains with my man, a bubble bath, and a bottle of champers. Was awesome!


What’s on your playlist right now?

Whitney: Been listening to Radiation City, London Grammar, Asgier and I can never ever get enough of Rhye! Ugh. Steal my heart.

Paloma: Still rocking out to my Coachella playlist. It’s called “Forgive me, Coachella.” Blood Orange, Haim, Austra, Disclosure. You get the vibe.

Your idea of the perfect Sunday:

Whitney: Snuggle with my fiancé, grab a coffee while walking the dogs, do anything outdoors (biking, tennis, hiking or shopping at markets), try a new restaurant, meet up with friends for drinks then go home and watch a movie on the couch with my man and dogs.

Paloma: Brekkie in bed, followed by an epic beach day and a glass of rose at sunset to cap it off.

What’s sexier? LA or NY? Duke it out, ladies.

Whitney: NY! The streets are like a conveyor belt of people checking each other out. The plethora of restaurants is like a never-ending party in your mouth and at night the lights are set to the perfect mood setting for falling in love (or lust).

Paloma: Los Angeles. There is nothing sexier than getting picked up in an actual car by a fit guy and knowing he’s not gonna take you back to his studio apartment for a night cap.

Don't be fooled. There will be plenty of things here for the ladies.

Don’t be fooled. There will be plenty of things here for girls.


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