Waking up Miu Miu: A Tutorial in Hair

July 22, 2014 • Beauty

I love waking up to surprise Miu Miu. I look forward to Miu Miu and Prada every season, especially in the last several years where they’ve kind of replaced how my ex-fav John Galliano’s shows used to make me feel, so even if it’s a measly resort show (well, I guess it’s not so measly since there actually was a show), I’m all over it. I’m also still going through my seemingly endless late ’60s to early ’70s phase so one glance at the show and I already want to melt into the embroidered suede dresses and retina-burning prints.


Upon closer look, the makeup has a harsh but neutral colored cut crease–and nothing makes you look more like a dazed out hippie who gives no fucks than a high-cut crease. It’s like extra-starring-in-a-cheesy-but-sometimes-twisted-psychedelic-pop-movie. That thing. Probably Wonderwall. Prada is usually more of a decadent gialli babe, specifically the makeup in the Fall 2014 show where it’s all about the spidery eyelashes. Giallo films aren’t complete without a closeup of someone wearing hardcore mascara-coated eyelashes. As for Miu Miu, they haven’t had time or enough patience to experiment with piling on that much mascara yet.

The hair is very anti-hairstyle. It looks exactly like my hair on most days since I don’t like doing anything with it other than a daily wash and brush. I actually can’t even get a curling iron to work with my hair, but heat is damaging anyway. I believe blowdryers are demonic and I assume the Miu Miu character would agree. Air drying is the way to go. I usually tuck my hair behind my ears while it dries and it creates subtle waves framing my cheekbones, as seen on many of the models in the show. It’s practically effortless and guaranteed to make you look like a long lost member of Black Sabbath.

One of the other hairstyles in the show, the one with waves throughout all the hair, is really freaking easy and takes about two minutes to do (not counting the waiting time). It’s great if you can’t ever get your hair to do anything, like if you have flat, thin hippie hair like mine.


1) Brush and comb hair then part it in the center (or slightly off, up to you). Optional: apply a leave in conditioner or hair product. I like to use Frizz Ease Straight Fixation Smoothing Cream.

2) Split hair into at least two sections. Gather up hair in one section as if you’re making a ponytail.


3) Hold and hook hair near your head with your finger then wrap the tail frontwards or backwards. When doing the other sections, use the same direction if you’d like the hair to be more symmetrical.

4) Keep wrapping until you have a cone-like bun.


5) Twist the bun the same direction you wrapped the hair to make a spherical bun and pin it with bobby pins. Twist it looser for softer waves or tighter for sharper waves.

6) Admire your cute buns and keep them in for a while. I always do my hair at night so I sleep in the buns and take them out in the morning.


7) Take out the pins.

8) Awe over the cute curls.


9) Separate the curls.

10) Brush or comb out the curls. I usually do both since I like voluminous but subtle waves.


Done! Maybe put on a ’60s-’70s print top or dress and a scarf (or legit Miu Miu if you’re fancy) then take some selfies Ira Cohen style.


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