Nail Art Inspo: Prints at Valentino Fall 2014

September 4, 2014 • Beauty

The Valentino Fall 2014 Ready to Wear show has butterfly-embellished and colorful leather pieces of my dreams and I’d sell my non-existent soul just to stare at the embroidery in person. It’s fun to copy makeup and hair from shows, why not rip off the prints as nail art? I’ll probably never have the real deal (well, anytime soon… I can dream), so at least I can have my own temporary, miniature version on my nails for now.

1) For complex prints, go more abstract.
2) Dotting tools, small brushes, and toothpicks are a few of the most ideal tools. Stamping tools and nail tape are good for more crisp patterns and household items like saran wrap can create a marble-like look.
3) Use top coats with certain finishes to imitate material, such as a semi-matte top coat for a smooth, leathery look.



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