Gloria Steinem, Laverne Cox, and bell hooks In One Place: Feminism Will Explode

September 18, 2014 • Culture

Some of the most well known women in feminist pop culture are Gloria Steinem, Laverne Cox, and bell hooks. Imagine everything they’ve done for women throughout the years. Now imagine all of that amazing, in one place, at the same time. My mind! I think it’s crying! Eugene Lang is hosting  bell hooks for their October Residency and inviting her and other faves to speak on theory, transgression, and the public body. We predict a heated intellectual debate on Beyonce to go down at least once, and we are 100% planning to be there. Because guess what: the whole shebang is free and open to the public. Yes, yes, yes. Events will be happening from October 3 – 10. Plenty of time to get some tissues to prepare for the emotional fangirl cryfest.

We are so ready.

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