Tear Up Your Grandma’s Living Room with BRONCHO

September 30, 2014 • Music

There’s nothing like some cathartic, dragging guitar and grating, slightly cavernous vocals that feel like they were recorded in a linoleum outhouse. Which is pretty much what Oklahoma-based BRONCHO continues to deliver on their sophomore album, Just Hip Enough To Be Woman. For fans of the post-punk, garage-band era (these tracks hits my Ty Segall love button and a little bit of Jeremy Jay), BRONCHO makes music I’d like to relive my childhood to, born in Middle-of-Nowhere, USA, drinking beers out of the back of a pickup truck and getting knocked up at 19. Sigh. Another life.

You can stream the album here if you trust yourself. If you want a little handholding, we’ve picked our favorite tracks below.


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All Aboard.

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