Remembering the Summer Sweat in NYC

October 1, 2014 • Culture

“Come on, give us a smile.” When Saturday hits and the sun is down and things dissolve and you feel like it’s an endless summer, the only thing you can do is dance. You put on your best perfume even though it’s useless in the heavy heat and your skin rubs papery thin. We all do our best to smile. Doors open at midnight. It’s not a surprise someone who drops a mix called Love Kills spins dark beats, R&B, hip-hop, and sweat, remixed with Brazilian baile Funk and Dominican dembow, hard and low. There’s always someone trying to make you smile when the flash goes off. Iconic. That’s what the party is called. “Joey. Yeah, Joey.” Joey LaBeija. They call him youngbrknfamous, darling child of legendary voguing House of LaBeija. Joey deejays the night with Battyjack, False Witness, lsdxoxo, and Jay Boogie. Legendary. Joey now says it’s legendary. Recently featured in Interview and Oak, the Iconic party is now re-invented as Legendary. Joey’s mom is with us at the back of Cameo. Next to her, Ryan Jordan. His arm up. His arm goes down. We feel alive at night. Here’s our smile. Re-edit—



















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