Wonder Wonder is an SEO Nightmare and Music To Your Ears

October 6, 2014 • Music

Trying to find out more information about UK musical duo Wonder Wonder on the Interweb will end in confused search engine results about Stevie Wonder, Wonder Woman, and Dion & The Belmonts. Even Facebook, that nefarious Rolodex from the 6th dimension of Hades, offers little by way of quantifiable intel. So I guess what we’ll provide you with is our gut reaction to their new track “Shark,” which we like in spite of ourselves. You see, back in the mid ‘aughts, bands like Stars came out, featuring boy-and-girl team vocalists that specialized in breathy, limp dick bedroom pop with the combined virility of 1/3 Ben Gibbard. Some were more successful than others (The XX, for instance), but the trend just wore out. Wonder Wonder reintroduces the formula, and maybe it’s just because we’re all emo as shit right now as the leaves change colors and the sweaters are coming out, but we’re playing “Shark” on repeat.



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