Enable Your Newfound Seasonal Depression with Hozier’s “From Eden”

November 4, 2014 • Music

If you, like me, looked outside the window around 2 p.m. and wondered why today seemed like a good day to murder yourself, only to remember that the time change this weekend was likely the culprit and not your not-really-so-tragic life circumstances, well, then you might like this remix of Hozier’s “From Eden,” courtesy of Jack Steadman. Filled with some gospel-like choruses, what I think might be the same organ the LA Dodgers used to provide a soundtrack to my Dodger Dog-eating days, and a sweet little “hallelujah”shout for good measure, it’s debatable whether this is actually helping my premature SADS cause or pushing me further into it. No matter, it’s a pretty little track. That, and dude’s got better hair than I do. Enjoy.


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