Live Review: Caribou at the Fonda

March 8, 2015 • Music


From the six years of Coachella I attended (2012 being the last; that double weekend thing ruined it) and that summer where I went to a shit ton of European music festivals, I’ve filled my quota of seeing both phenomenal and terrible bands live. I’m very reluctant to buy tickets for a band I’ve barely heard or only “sort of” like. If I have to stand through one more opening band that sounds like Best Coast trying to sound like LCD Soundsystem I will have no other choice but to stab pencils in my ears and punch the dude standing next to me who spilled his plastic cup of PBR on my shoes. I once dated a guy who said “Opening bands are great. It’s a chance to see a new band for free!” Ugh, his optimism made me sick.

What I’m trying to say is I only buy concert tickets for people I really love. Caribou is one of those bands, or, rather, person. Dan Snaith is the humble Canadian behind Caribou. I say “humble” because he genuinely thanked the audience at least five times for coming out to see him perform. His three bandmates were also dressed in all white, like a very clean cult of painters. They opened with “Our Love,” which is the title track, and my second favorite song, off their latest album. By the end of the song I looked over at my friend and said, “are we at a rave?” They somehow made their mellow album sound like a sound storm of laser noises and loud-ass drums. It was really, really good.

After a few songs off the new album, they HAD to play “Odessa,” the hit off of the last album Swim. Dan brought out his recorder for this. Or piccolo. Whatever. It was a very Canadian thing to do and I wanted to give him a hug for being so adorable. The second to last song of the night was “Can’t Do Without You,” my favorite track off Our Love and a song I’ve already put on mixtapes for guys. If you haven’t heard this song you need to immediately. Dan Snaith basically gives everyone a high-five and thanks the audience again. They come back out for an encore (can we just stop with the encores and get right to the fucking last song?) of “Sun.” It rocked, of course.

The energy in the Fonda was perfect. Luckily they have two more nights of sold-out shows to spread that Canadian joy.


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