Got Grimes’ “REALiTi” on Repeat

March 10, 2015 • Music


Four years ago I was sleeping with some dude who was sleeping with about 20 other girls who, at some point, took me to see Grimes over at Glasslands in Williamsburg, which I guess serves as some retroactive repayment for the time I spent $160 on his birthday dinner and he went home with someone else. Yay. It was late 2010 and I was still an idiot and Grimes was but a sprinkle in some A&R guy’s eye. If the music, at that point, was harder to process, Grimes was remarkable in that she was absolutely memorable–Wednesday Adams banging away on a synthesizer in your neighbor’s Canadian basement. The image stuck with me, then and now, despite the fact that I had popped a Xanax and downed about 3 vodka sodas that night. In the last four-plus years, Grimes’ sound has evolved into a highly listenable blend of past qualities with more accessible, trending pop elements. Her latest track “REALiTI” pushes just enough EDM around with her birdy, ethereal vocals that makes me wish my whole life was spent in a club somewhere at 7 a.m. coming off of drugs and watching the sun come up.

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