• March 18, 2014 • Beauty

    Don’t Look at Me: Anti-Surveillance Makeup

    You’ve probably seen photos of anti-surveillance looks online about a hundred times like I have, especially on Tumblr where many blogs eat that type of stuff up and make room to squeeze it in between crap that looks like it’s...

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  • March 10, 2014 • Beauty

    The Irony of Natural Beauty

    I have a fascination with ‘no makeup’ makeup, which, admittedly, I loathed until I tried it a few months ago. Cosmetic companies continuously release collections about being natural, naked, or nude. I grew tired of the trend....

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  • March 6, 2014 • Beauty

    A Case of Monsters: Skincare Solutions to Stop Hating Your Face

    While I am an admittedly gorgeous individual (I’m not joking, sorry, LOVE YOURSELVES PEOPLE) who cannot pass a reflective surface without vogueing to a soundtrack by Robyn, there are mornings I wake up literally clawing my face in...

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