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  • September 23, 2014 • Fashion

    Gemma, Kendall, Tokenism, and the Future of Runway Casting

    Welcome back, Gemma. Fashion fans around the world fell into a frenzy of excitement when Australian legend Gemma Ward opened Prada’s Spring 2015 show last Thursday. This was her return to the runway after a 13-season absence – a full...

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  • June 26, 2014 • Culture

    On Jeremy Meeks, Power, and Desire

    The Internet has had its way with the mugshot of Jeremy Meeks that was released earlier this week. Through some rough Photoshop edits, he’s suddenly become the face of Dolce and Gabbana and Calvin Klein, further exciting to the growing...

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  • April 4, 2014 • Fashion

    #CastMeMarc (No, Really, I’m Professionally Pretty)

    They kept the pictures in a desk drawer, along with bent paper clips and dried-up pens. When they had enough, they would make a calendar, picking out the twelve choicest images to print on thick cardstock and hang on the wall. The pictures...

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  • April 1, 2014 • Fashion

    Miranda Kerr is on the Cover of GQ and I Am Sitting...

    New York Fashion Week, 2004-ish or some shit. I’m waiting backstage at the ___________ show, my skin all porcelain and wrinkle free, my eyes so full of dumb hope, my thin limbs so full of promise. “You fit in just like the other...

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  • March 6, 2014 • Fashion

    America’s Next Top Flop

    Later this year, Tyra Banks will present her 21st cycle of America’s Next Top Model, or, more specifically, her 21st attempt at finding a top model. The show carried some legitimacy in its first few seasons, but after more than ten years...

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